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Vancouver Analytics Board is a non-profit organization, founded by Vancouver's most prominent analytics leaders. With representation across sectors and disciplines, we are driven by a passion to create a hub for analytics excellence in the city we love, frequently cited as one of the top cities in the world to live. 

Our vision is simple. Making Vancouver a premier destination where data and analytics professionals thrive.

We bring together the academic community and industry sector to facilitate the multidisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Who We Are: What We Do
Image by Nick Zheng

We will make Vancouver the top destination for data analytics by ensuring the best jobs, interesting work and great events. Here are some of the goals we are committed to.

Advancing analytics talent through shared learning and best practices

  • Close the gap between analytics jobs in the city and those looking for analytics work

  • Clear and standardized data and analytics role definitions in Vancouver

  • Host high-quality events that bring the community together to learn, make connections, build relationships, and help organizations grow their analytics capabilities

Connecting academia with industry needs and knowledge

  • Support and develop university analytics programs and create more meaningful connections between students and industry professionals

  • Bring academic community and industry sector together in their data science journey, facilitating the multidisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge

Promoting an inclusive community in our sector

  • Partner with like-minded local organizations to strengthen the industry ecosystem

  • Bring awareness to extraordinary analytics work happening in Vancouver

  • Create opportunities for under-represented groups working in the industry

Who We Are: List
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