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The Vancouver Analytics Board is a community focused, values driven organization built on a foundation of trust, integrity, respect, fairness, responsibility and learning.

We believe in the potential of people, the importance of differing perspectives and that with diversity comes strength.  We also believe in doing the right thing.  We know that we have work to do as a society when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, and we are committed to making a difference and doing our part to lead positive change.  To that end, the Vancouver Analytics Board is committed to the following initial actions.  We will update these commitments as we progress.

Women Holding Hands

1.  Establishing a sub-committee devoted to the continued advancement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Vancouver Analytics community

2.  Gain understanding and awareness to historically excluded groups and the barriers they face by inviting DEI leaders and speakers of diverse backgrounds to engage in dialogue and joint problem solve on how the Board can support and remove barriers

3.  Partner with local organizations to help strengthen under-represented groups within the Vancouver Analytics community.

4.  Ensure the events we host are safe, fun and inclusive for everyone and gather feedback to understand how we can continuously improve.

5.  Make it a key criteria in accepting executives into our Board that they have a shared passion and commitment for DEI.

Diversity & Inclusion: Programs
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