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2022 Summer Internship Programs

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

With the start of a new year comes new opportunities, and many Vancouver Data & Analytics teams have kicked off their 2022 Summer Internship Programs. Below please find some information about these programs to help potential applicants learn more about these opportunities.

WHAT DOES AN INTERNSHIP IN DATA & ANALYTICS LOOK LIKE One of the best ways to maximize your chances of landing a top tier job after graduation is developing the skills to solve problems with data in the real world. A summer internship provides valuable work experience, and the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that directly impact business results.

Understanding what is what is involved in various real world data analytics roles, and what the difference is between these roles can be quite challenging (see a guide to Data & Analytics roles in a previous Vancouver Analytics Board Post). One of the best way to understand these roles, and which one is most appealing to you is to try working in these roles during your Summer break from university.

A typical internship offers 12-16 week paid work experience working alongside dynamic, world class Data & Analytics professionals, gaining meaningful experience, developing skills and relationships for today and tomorrow. They can also provide an opportunity to explore a new city (like Vancouver!) and have great fun.

Many successful internships lead directly to job offers post-graduation.

WHO SHOULD APPLY Competition for internships can be very challenging, with each role getting hundreds of applicants. Students coming into or in their final year of study (either undergrad or masters) are best placed to secure these intern roles, and there are a number of ways to increase your chances of securing these internship roles:

· Previous work experience with the organization (e.g. retail floor staff, distribution center or call center roles)

· Participation in hackathons

· Experience with previous internships

· Leverage your network (if you’ve worked with somebody internally within an organization who can recommend you)

WHERE SHOULD I CONSIDER DOING AN INTERNSHIP ​​​​​​​Vancouver is the best place for your Summer internship with incredible beaches, awe inspiring mountains and amazing companies with inspirational workspaces. Many Vancouver based employers are currently recruiting for Summer 2022 Internships, see some examples below:

WHEN CAN I APPLY Most Vancouver based companies start recruiting for Summer internships in January (i.e. currently) and most offer an efficient process having job offers out by the end of February for roles to begin at the end of the Spring Semester.


All companies have details about internships and how to apply via their careers portals.

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